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HotelsCombined recognizes Idili Traditional House amongst the best hotels in Greece.


HotelsCombined recognizes Idili Traditional House amongst the best hotels in Greece.

HotelsCombined is a hotel price comparison website that was recognized as Best Hotel Booking Site two years in a row for 2020 and 2021 by Frommer’s.

HotelsCombined, owned by KAYAK, has selected Idili Traditional House to receive the official Recognition of Excellence Award. This selection has come from HotelsCombined’s extensive surveys using data from millions of guest reviews for a wide range of accommodation within Greece.

Idili Traditional House has consistently produced a high satisfaction rating among guests and travel industry experts.

Idili Traditional House now joins an elite group of hotels around the world that have been awarded the HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence. This exclusive collection of highly-rated accommodations has been chosen using a strict set of criteria such as the quality and consistency of reviews, the absence of recurring or unresolved issues with guests, popularity of the property and of course, the overall resulting score.

We are thrilled to be working with the best hotels in Greece. Idili Traditional House has proven its place among them with this award and its commitment to providing high-quality services to all guests”, said Melinda Balazs, Hotel Awards Program Manager at HotelsCombined.

With HotelsCombined, 30 million people find the best hotel deals available online every month. The HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence Award makes it even easier for travellers to find the top hotels for customer service and guarantee the best value for their money Traveler Rating Award 2022



On behalf of the entire team, I would like to congratulate you on your Traveler Review Award 2022.

This Award is proof that you have consistently exceeded the expectations of travelers. We know this is not easy – especially during a global pandemic. It requires a lot of hard work, vision, timing and attention to detail. You succeeded in everything.

We believe that everyone should learn the good news. Share this success with your visitors and thank them for their feedback that helped you get here. We offer a number of tools to do this, either on social media or on the platform. We recommend that you use the hashtag #TravellerReviewAwards2022 and add us with a tag (@bookingcom) so that we can celebrate your success with you.

I’m excited about all the opportunities that await us in 2022. At, we look forward to our further collaboration as we rebuild and strengthen our industry together.

Thank you for your dedication to the excellent hospitality and congratulations again on your success.

Yours sincerely,
Glenn Fogel
President & Chief Executive Officer

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Recommended Routes


Panormo is a picturesque, romantic, seaside village situated in a small bay, 22km east of Rethymnon and belongs to the wider area of Mylopotamos. It is an area of particular natural beauty, with archaeological sites and museums for the lovers of history, monasteries and breathtaking gorges for the explorers and beautiful paths that end up in unique beaches or small, traditional settlements.

We have chosen the six most beautiful and significant routes you can take, with the starting point being the “Idili” guest house. You can take the car, the traditional little train that starts from Panormo, or you can go by bus or even on your bicycle. From our guesthouse you can visit Margarites, Melidoni, Eleftherna, the Monastery of Arkadi, Mili Gorge or explore the enchanting beaches near Panormo.

We recommend 6 routes from Idili to places worth visiting:

Panormo – Margarites
Panormo – Melidoni
Panormo – Eleftherna
Panormo – Monastery of Arkadi
Panormo – Mili Gorge
Beaches near Panormo

For a better service on car or bicycle rental and for more competitive rates, contact the owner of the guest house and ask for the discount voucher.

Car Rental & Transfer from the Airports


Your trip to Crete… On your way you will see its hidden beauty, you will listen to the sounds of its nature, you will taste the products of its land, you will talk to its people!
For your safe transfer to and from airports and ports, as well as for your car and bicycle rentals, we are pleased to inform you of our long cooperation with well-known companies that have been active in our region:

For a more effective contact with the above companies and for more competitive rates, contact the owner of the guest house and ask for the discount voucher.

Our Suggestions for 2022


Idili Traditional Guest House urges you to get informed and take part in their activities or seminars, on trips organized in cooperation with a local travel agency, as well as to plan your own outings using the help or its people.

Our activities for 2022 include, among others:

  • day trips to places on Crete and Santorini in collaboration with a travel agency (, where you can explore and discover hidden natural beauties, the local culture and civilization, and the centuries-long tradition of each area.
  • music events with dance and singing for everyone in the garden of Idili .
  • Cooking lesson within the premises. Minimum requirement for the lessons are 4 participants. The cost of participation is 20 euros, including lunch.
  • Participation in the cultural events of Charoupomilos Center (

Do not hesitate to ask for more information about any of the above activities you are interested in. For your better service, ask for the participation voucher from the reception of the guest house.

For your individual or family excursions, we highly recommend visiting the small family businesses of Idili Traditional Guest House, as well as destinations worth being included in your vacation planning, such as:

  • Folklore Museum Cretan House in Chania
  • Dolphin Ttavern in Heraklion,
  • Klados Winery in Panormo
  • Plokos Handmade Creations of Clay and Glass in Margarites
  • Tsikalario Pottery Workshop in Margarites
  • Keramion Traditional Ceramics in Margarites
  • Deep Green Natural Cosmetics Cottage Industry in Panormo
  • Filio Traditional Coffee Shop in Ancient Eleftherna

For your better service in all of the above areas, ask for the free guest voucher in the reception of the guesthouse.

Crete, Crossroads of Civilizations


Crete the largest island in Greece, the diamond of the Mediterranean and its fifth largest island, the southernmost border of Europe. An island so unique, with a history that is lost in the mists of time, the crossroads of civilizations and peoples an island worth exploring and discovering all its hidden beauties and its most innermost secrets.

The history of Crete began about 9000 years ago when the location of the island where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet and its mild climate started to predetermine its course as an inter-temporal center of civilization.

Its history, connected with the most important events that took place in the southeastern Mediterranean, unfolds at every step of the way: when you visit the Minoan palaces that were built three and a half thousand years ago, when you walk on Roman cobblestone streets, when you admire Byzantine churches, when you explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses, when you start finding out what makes up a unique mash-up of the history and culture of the island along with the oldest European civilization.
Unlimited are the routes you can follow and each of them holds different surprises and images that are constantly changing before your very eyes the wild beauty of the inland that gives way to the mildest landscapes near its beautiful beaches is one of the most charming features of Crete.

Rethymnon with its rocky landscapes of incomparable beauty and the imposing castle of Fortezza, Chania with the Venetian harbor and the mixture of cultures that brings you back in time, Heraklion with the hustle and bustle of its modern life and its gem, the palace of Knossos, a jewel of another era, Lassithi with its magnificent traditional villages and the exotic beach of Vai will excite you with their diverse and spectacular scenic beauty, their monuments and architecture, so much that you will forget that you are on the same island.

Always etched in your memory will be sights, beaches, traditional settlements, and unique natural monuments, such as the Samaria Gorge. Crete can offer whatever it is you wish for, as this superb island is generous, hospitable, delightful and always accommodates the needs of its visitors in the best possible way.

The Guests of Idili Traditional Guest House


We, the people of Idili Traditional Guest House, are more than happy to take care of our guests in the best possible way and give them the opportunity to get to know the beauties of our region the best way we can. Thus, we often host events and organize visits to different places for those who wish to come in contact with nature, Cretan land and its people.

Visits to pottery workshops in Margarites, where the ancient art of pottery is presented through the skillful hands of the craftsmen who make use of age-old traditional techniques and skills, keeping the tradition of the village alive.

Music nights at our guest house with well-known local artists.

Excursions to areas of special natural beauty to let you become familiar with the magic of Cretan nature.

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