Getting downtown to the old town, from the harbor via Halidon Street, you will find the Folklore Museum of Chania Cretan House. Through the various museum departments and the exhibits of folk art and tradition, visitors are able to relive the everyday life and activities of the inhabitants of the island during the 18th and 19th century.

Visitors can admire collections of tools, raw materials and products of traditional industry, craftmanship and rural life that the founders managed to collect from all over Crete.

Of particular interest are the weavings and embroideries, creations of the founders, Aspasia Bikaki and Irini Koumandraki Markaki, and their pupils who work in the workshop of the museum, where naif embroidery revives and which are replicas of embroidery art pieces from all over the island.

Equally significant are the embroidery paintings that depict scenes from the customs and practices of the area, as well as the representations of agricultural occupations, domestic arts, handicrafts and interior of rural dwellings.