It is called the village of pitharades (jar-makers), since the tradition of pottery and the artifacts made by its inhabitants are evident in every corner of the island. Margarites is undoubtedly the most important pottery center of West Crete. The area is rich in clay soil, which may explain the inhabitants’ long-standing occupation with the art of clay.

The village has at least 16 pottery workshops, the famous tsikalaria (pot factories) since craftsmen once used to make pots in them- each working in different style, combining modern and traditional techniques.

Do not miss to visit at least one of them. Just before your eyes, astonishing images blend the village’s past and present, while the skillful hands of the craftsmen make use of age-old traditional techniques and skills, keeping the tradition of the village alive.

Take a stroll in the restored Monastery of Christ the Savior and Agios Gedeon (St. Gedeon), which has been standing there proudly since the 16th century, passing through the path of love to reach the blooming monastery with the only and only monk residing there and enjoy the view from above.

Alternatively, follow the E4 route leading to Lago, the lush gorge of the village, through beautiful paths and end at the Hellenistic bridge of Eleftherna.