Crete the largest island in Greece, the diamond of the Mediterranean and its fifth largest island, the southernmost border of Europe. An island so unique, with a history that is lost in the mists of time, the crossroads of civilizations and peoples an island worth exploring and discovering all its hidden beauties and its most innermost secrets.


The history of Crete began about 9000 years ago when the location of the island where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet and its mild climate started to predetermine its course as an inter-temporal center of civilization.


Its history, connected with the most important events that took place in the southeastern Mediterranean, unfolds at every step of the way: when you visit the Minoan palaces that were built three and a half thousand years ago, when you walk on Roman cobblestone streets, when you admire Byzantine churches, when you explore Venetian and Turkish fortresses, when you start finding out what makes up a unique mash-up of the history and culture of the island along with the oldest European civilization.
Unlimited are the routes you can follow and each of them holds different surprises and images that are constantly changing before your very eyes the wild beauty of the inland that gives way to the mildest landscapes near its beautiful beaches is one of the most charming features of Crete.


Rethymnon with its rocky landscapes of incomparable beauty and the imposing castle of Fortezza, Chania with the Venetian harbor and the mixture of cultures that brings you back in time, Heraklion with the hustle and bustle of its modern life and its gem, the palace of Knossos, a jewel of another era, Lassithi with its magnificent traditional villages and the exotic beach of Vai will excite you with their diverse and spectacular scenic beauty, their monuments and architecture, so much that you will forget that you are on the same island.


Always etched in your memory will be sights, beaches, traditional settlements, and unique natural monuments, such as the Samaria Gorge. Crete can offer whatever it is you wish for, as this superb island is generous, hospitable, delightful and always accommodates the needs of its visitors in the best possible way.